Participatory capacity is critical if we want to resolve challenges at scale, globally

Governments, philanthropic agencies and social entrepreneurs invest heavily each year in training and building required capacity across communities to address some of the most pressing challenges of our time, spanning – health, water, sanitation and the like.

However, it is still a challenge to measure participation, provide timely information to funders and partners, or consolidate participant data across providers.

On the other hand, trained practitioners are hard to locate and leverage when there is a need. Most of these practitioners around the world also find it challenging to track and assert their own qualifications.

Front line workers need more than knowledge – they need tools that can help recall what they learnt, share their knowledge with others, and track their accomplishments so they can access better (livelihood) opportunities for themselves.

Organizations entrusted with building capacity of front-line workers need tools to manage their efforts, collaborate with other partners, and deliver on promises they make to funders and the communities they serve.

We need to reimagine the way we enable frontline workers and practitioners that serve communities around the world

Imagine if we could capture training and skill building interactions as they happen.

Imagine if we could observe who has been trained, on what and find them when there is a need.

Imagine if participants skills are visible and valued.

Imagine if individuals can find and access new opportunities within their field of work, in exchange for their growing knowledge and skills!


Our Approach

After reviewing common approaches and training management information systems (TMIS) used by organizations to manage the way they build and nurture capacity of front-line workers around the world, we decided that it is time for a participant-centric-platform and model.

We need an approach that motivates participants to track their own interactions with providers and – Generates trusted and verifiable data from those interactions to help Program Administrator observe, monitor, evaluate and improve the performance and impact of their capacity building efforts at scale.

A single platform to build and nurture human capacity at scale

We know what it takes to train, mobilize and enable front line workers and practitioners at scale. That is why we built a single platform that empowers front line workers and gives program administrators the data and tools they need to efficiently build and nurture capacity.


Content and Sessions


Sessions and Participation


and review content on the go


activity and activate practitioners

Offered as a service that is available for a fee to organizations, and free to use for participants

Participatory Digital Attestation (PDA) Platform

Organize training content, track session activity, and review participation across sessions.

Empower staff or partners to set up new sessions in the field, efficiently share content with participants – avoid cumbersome attendance sheets or data entry apps.

Engage front-line workers, make it easy for them to acknowledge their presence in each session (even when offline), and motivate them to track the trainings that they attend.

Give participants real-time access to learning content - to review and share with their peers and community members anytime, anywhere.

Privacy controls that allow participants to share or withdraw consent, and a model that naturally incentivizes them to update, verify and share their profile so they can be recognized, valued, and discovered.

Organize training content, track session activity, and review participation across sessions.

A participant centric approch that breaks down information silo’s and works seamlessly across programs and organization boundaries

Participants can use the same app and interact with multiple organizations or programs in their skilling journey. This ensures that the participants record all trainings that they attend over the years – and we ensure that they always have access to their own data so they can assert their qualifications to unlock opportunities for themselves


About Us

Socion ( is a strategy and transformation advisor to global social enterprises that are committed to resolving complex and dynamic societal challenges at scale.

While addressing such large scale challenges across sectors, it became apparent that building the capacity of community workers, physicians, nurses, lab technicians, water technicians, forest officials and so on is both a foundational need, and a subject of huge ongoing investments by private, public and social institutions around the world.

However, almost all organizations engaged in capacity building are facing several challenges that prevent them from efficiently and effectively enabling capacity building efforts at scale. So, We decided to design & build a digitally enabled platform that can address this problem in some unique and fundamental ways, at scale.

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